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Dr. Emilio-Adolfo Rivero (President)
Born in Camagüey province, Cuba, now a naturalized U.S.  citizen. He trained as a lawyer and journalist, then  practiced law in Havana, 1951-60. He was part of the  resistance that led to the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista,  who fled the country in the wee hours of January 1, 1959.  By the second half of that same year, when it became evident that Castro was working toward a close  relationship with the Soviet Union, Rivero began plotting  against Castro's regime. He was arrested in April 1961 and  spent eighteen-and-a-half years in Castro's prisons. Upon  release in October 1979 he emigrated to the U.S., where he  has been a consultant, political activist and teacher. He has worked extensively  in Central and South American political environments as  well as in the Cuban community of Miami. He lives in the  Washington, DC area.

Ernesto Diaz-Rodriguez. (Vice President)
Born 1937 in Cojímar, near Havana. A labor activist, he joined the clandestine movement against Castro's regime,  was arrested in December 1968 and received a fifteen-year  sentence. In the fifth year of his jail term, he was  re-tried on charges of organizing against the regime from  within prison and was sentenced to a further twenty-five  years. During his incarceration, which included eight  years in solitary confinement, he began publishing poetry  with a book that was issued in Miami and distributed  throughout the United States. He was made an Honored  Member of the French P.E.N. Club, and also received that  distinction in other countries. Presidents Bush and Arias  (Costa Rica) personally intervened to secure his freedom. After more  than twenty-two years in prison, he was released in March  1991. He lives with his wife Dr. Alicia Pérez in  Connecticut.

David Landau (Managing Director)
Born New York City, 1950; author, publisher and radio broadcaster. At age 22, after graduation from Harvard College, Landau published what has since been acknowledged  as the classic study of Henry Kissinger. He has written  three further books, including two about Cuba. He has also worked as an entrepreneur and consultant, with experience  on four continents. In 2001 Landau founded Pureplay Press  as a vehicle for publishing books about Cuba. Pureplay is  dedicated to the rescue of Cuba's history and culture from  the ravages of the Castro regime. Its authors include  Cuban novelists, historians, poets and illustrators.  Landau lives with his wife Kaori in Los Angeles.

Dr. Adolfo Rivero-Caro (Secretary)
Born Havana 1935, he joined the anti-Batista underground and the Communist Party while studying law at Havana University. Early in Castro's regime he was chief organizer of the Communist Youth for the Havana region as  well as editor of Mella, the nation's youth journal. In  1964 he became a professor of Marxism at Havana  University. In 1968 he was denounced by Granma because of disagreements with the  regime, removed from all official positions and forced to  take menial jobs. Early in the 1980's he became a founding  member of Cuba's human rights movement and lived under  constant surveillance, with periodic terms in prison. In  1988 he was again denounced by Granma before being allowed  to emigrate to France, which received him as a political  refugee. He settled in the U.S. in 1989 and now resides in  Miami. He received an honor mention in the Opinion Prize given by the Inter-American Press Society in 2003.

Jesús B. Rodríguez Saludes (editor, NCC's Russian-language Web pages)
A permanent resident of Moscow since the mid-1980's, he was graduated in 1991 with a master of arts degree from the Moscow Film Institute, where his teachers were Sergei Gerasimov, Lev Kulidzhanov and Tamara Makarova. He has directed four films, one of which received an award at an international festival of young persons' cinema. An accomplished writer and poet, he is married and has one son.


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